Music  is a very complicated and dynamic art form. It is both a discipline and arguably the most universal form of conveying human emotion and self-expression. More specifically, music can be read and played by following notation, but can also be played "by ear" or feel, using limited notation (lyric/chords, lead sheet) or no music notation at all.

Often, music instructors will choose one approach over the other neglecting and thus missing all the benefits of the other approach. This is due to either a lack of training, experimentation, and/or a close-minded approach because of their own personal comfort zone or narrow-mindedness. Also, many of the nations most accredited universities do very little to nothing to address the free or "jazz" form of music.

So, often, you are stuck with an instructor who is very thorough at 500 year old music, but is unable to play a Beatles by ear or contrarily, a "jammer" who ONLY plays modern music by ear/feel but does not understand music theory and is unable to read notation. In some cases this one-track mind is a result of a lack of discipline and work ethic on their own part. An instructor unwilling to grow and expand their abilities will also be limited in his ability to teach and thus limit the potential of their student.

Every one of our instructors are classically trained with an understanding of college level music theory, yet are also able play by ear, feel, and self-expression. And to be an instructor at Vega Music and Entertainment, you must be regularly gigging and performing. Our instructors are committed to teach each student the rudiments of music while also helping them express themselves on their instruments by feeling and hearing the music as well, preparing each student for the concert hall, stage, and/or the living room for their next family gathering!

Comprehensive instruction from professionals!

When you're done "playing"

Ready to elevate your ability to the next level?  We guarantee we can help make it happen. If you're ready to put in the work, our professional, classically trained instructors will help you take your game to the next level. Too often, "music lessons" are taught by novices or those up and coming, greatly limiting your potential and progress. Our instructors teach "sessions" with many "lessons" taught during your time together each appointment- and you will learn much more that only seasoned, performing veterans can show you. From music rudiments, to programming state of the art gear and sound systems- all of which are onsite!