...in the education and performance of modern music. Our instructors and performers alike are educated, professional, experienced and versatile.


Most instructors and "schools" (stores with "lesson programs") focus on either classical theory or playing by ear/feel. We require both approaches from everyone who comes through our doors. Music is a fine art, and therefore cannot be taught or performed by anyone other than a fine artist. How corporate America has even begun to gain a foothold in this industry is absurd, but we are committed to bringing excellence, integrity, and authenticity back to music education and performance. At Vega M & E, you will not find high school and college kids, focused on retail/sales, nor will you find under paid, inexperienced and/or uneducated musicians working for or with us- let alone have anything to do with the our instruction and education programs. You will only find experienced instructors who are truly committed to excellence as educators and as musicians.


Most talent agencies are so focused on quantity of acts, that the quality is terribly compromised. In fact, most variety bands these days use tracks, because they are cutting costs, cannot find the personnel to play the parts, or simply do not have the ability to play the parts. If a band is going to perform with tracks, then why not just hire a DJ or just go to karaoke? Here at Vega Music & Entertainment, we strive for professionalism and excellence in all we do, and you will see and hear the difference!

Vega Music & Entertainment is committed to excellence